• Videogames


Developer: Evolution Studios

Year: 2014



DRIVECLUB is one of my favorite racing games I have played in the past few years. The game is really enjoyable thanks to its accessible but fairly deep controls, but what I really loved was its technical presentation. The game has an amazing dynamic weather system which makes every race extremely intense and insanely beautiful to watch. On top of this, the tracks are very diverse and offer very characteristic spots where to stop and take pictures.

Photo Mode:

DRIVECLUB’s Photo Mode is accessible at any time during a race by pressing the touchpad of the DualShock 4 controller. It offers a very good amount of control, which allows to be quite creative with the composition. The game allows you to regulate camera aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation and focal length. By adding a noise filter and balancing the exposure compensation, it is possible to create interesting night shots. On top of this, there are other useful settings that allow you to make diverse type of shots: you can activate/deactivate car damages, include specific filters (Instagram-style), or even change bokeh shape.

The biggest let-down is that you cannot freely move the camera wherever you want: even with the “Free Camera”, you are bound to a specific area around the selected vehicle, which makes it more difficult to make more panoramic shots in case you want to focus more on the environment rather than the cars.