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Developer: Campo Santo

Year: 2016

Platform: PS4


Thanks for the great art direction, most of the iconic landscapes in Firewatch are already framed for the player, and it is therefore quite easy to take good looking shots. The game does not have a dynamic weather system, so the developers took full advantage of this to create stunning sky-domes and beautiful color palettes that are tailored to specific parts of the story.

Photo Mode:

Firewatch does not include a Photo Mode, but this also forces you to take pictures as if you were a photographer exploring the mountains. The most annoying thing is that the game does not allow you to hide the aiming dot which is always at the center of the screen. This forced me to remove it in Photoshop after I took the shots. Another thing worth noting is that the screenshots are saved directly from the PS4, which seems to create some compression problems in the dark scenes.