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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Developer: The Astronauts

Year: 2014

Platform: PS4


The Vanishing of Ethan Carther is a narrative adventure game in which, most of the time, the player walks through the woods and desolated environments. The camera has a fairly wide FOV, which allows to have beautiful views of distant mountains despite the fairly heavy fog. The images are fairly desaturated and are mostly characterized by a fairly strong bloom effect. I really like some open-space vistas, but most of them ended up looking similar to each other; the weather does not change, so the light is always the same throughout the entire game. The consistent lack of depth of field makes some shots quite overwhelming, so in some cases I tried to fake the effect after I captured them.

Photo Mode:

The Vanishing of Ethan Carther does not feature any Photo Mode. The game settings, though, allow you to change the FOV, making it possible to create wider or narrower shots.